LUCK & BABY DUST is a dramatic series that follows five couples as they ride the emotional roller coaster of infertility in their quest to have a baby.

1 in 8.  Those are the odds that a couple will not be able to have a baby due to infertility.  Those odds are equal to breast cancer and higher than lung cancer or the odds of having a heart attack yet infertility is rarely talked about in the open so you have the 11 MILLION women and men struggling with this disease feeling like they are all alone.  This series will change that.

LUCK & BABY DUST LIVE is the sister show to the LUCK & BABY DUST dramatic series and both shows will feed into each other.  LUCK & BABY DUST LIVE will bring in doctors, therapists, and celebrity guests to answer live questions from Twitter, Facebook, and callers.  To serve the growing fan base, the show will also travel to various major cities across the United States and United Kingdom and provides a personal touch by doing live shows with fans in those areas.  The series will build an online home for the gigantic and passionate undeserved infertility community which is craving a series like this.  There will also be iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android Apps that will support the series.




Karen Strassman
Scott Conley
Jen Nikolaisen
Joshua Allen
Yetide Badaki
Thomas Smith
Gita Reddy