Half-brothers Keith White & Shawn Black are ass-kicking international private contractors who only fear one person more than bullets, bombs and explosions - their mother.

In BLACK & WHITE, half-brothers, Keith White (Alimi Ballard FAST 5, CSI, NUMB3RS) and Shawn Black (Craig "The" Frank) have one major problem - each other. After Black, a hot-headed, adrenaline-loving, undercover detective, gets fired from the force for sleeping with the Police Chief's wife... and daughter, he's sucked into joining the family business as a private contractor. Sibling rivalry flares after Black is partnered up with his older brother, White, a calm and cool former Navy Seal, as they travel the globe solving cases in hot and sexy locations all while taking orders from the only boss they've ever feared, their mother.

Action-Thriller Comedy

Alimi Ballard
Craig "The" Frank
Daryl Crittenden
Joey Naber
Cooper Harris
Dylan Naber
Paula Price
Darryl Sims